Distraction by word association


I’m taking the plunge with a weekly blog, so would love you to pop by and add your thoughts as and when you like.

The mind of a crossword setter may not be wired as you may think. It may not be wired as I may think too!
In fact, by word association I always seem to be distracted. Wired is terribly weird, of course.

Concentration on reading is tough when I might begin a sentence simply glad that it isn’t a prison sentence. Just the thought of being at Her Majesty’s pleasure makes me smirk. You see – I’m already distracted.

Now, what was I saying? Required to write a long article, the longest I can come up with is ‘the’. Three letters. ‘Ether’ is an anagram of ‘three’ and also a number, because it numbs. Distracted again.

How might a setter ever manage everyday stuff such as holding down a relationship? Even washing the dishes conjures up imagery of lathery scenes with various beauties in the bathtub.

In fact, someone just drove past my window in a Mini. A Minnie Driver. I have seen my doctor about all this, but he proved to be clueless. Oh yes, I couldn’t help that little ‘joke’.

My other half, Taline, is an anagram of ‘entail’. On our first date I declined the opportunity to tell her this fact, instead asking where the name comes from. ‘Armenia’, I was told. I chose not to inform her of the fact that structurally ‘Armenia is a good word for crosswords, it being the word ‘men’ inside the word ‘aria’. Instead I requested she tell me a little about Armenia. ‘The capital of Armenia is Yerevan’, she said. Ha! Of course, I knew better. The capital of Armenia is ‘A’.

I thought it best not to tell her… just yet.

John (aka Paul)


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