Habitually Looking at Words

What is it like to habitually be looking at every word and phrase (Sherpa/seraph/shaper anag) as a potential crossword clue?

Might (also meaning strength) this (hits/shit anag) become somewhat tiresome?

Would (sounds like wood) people think me a little odd if eye bicycle spoke this way?

Immediately someone, for ex/ample says ‘Pasadena’ I notice (not ice) that every other letter (landlord, because a landlord lets property) is a vowel. Am I (French friend) going nuts (stun backwards)?

I figure it’s two late. The men will take me away (to leave the n!).

YOY can I not just (meaning fair) listen (silent/tinsel/inlets/enlist anag) to a normal sentence as others hear it? It’s a life sentence.

Walking down the street (setter anag) I see the harm in pacy pharmacy, and the gasometer (anag) in my local megastore. I see two traffic lights in Camberwell Green. It’s a disease! (seaside anag).

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way (or it would become ti).

I am delighted to be able to meet a Hannah and have palandromic conversations, or a Melissa, and aimless (anags) ramblings. Peters are safe to talk with, and Johns leave me with something to go on.

But I am happiest with Paul, alone in my cruciverbal world, the grid, my dictionary (indicatory anag), and me.


2 responses to “Habitually Looking at Words

  1. I laughed out loud reading this. Thanks!

  2. Thank you merseamersea!

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