Spreading the Cryptic Love

Just about to host another evening with our lovely Guardian solver guests. Really looking forward to it.


We had one at the offices of The Guardian in London a few months ago, at which I was fortunate to meet around a hundred or so solvers, eager to discover the thinking behind setting techniques, and also eager to air a liberal sprinkling of bouquets and brickbats.

I think what people loved most was to write clues together – the creative juices were really flowing, and the room was filled with natural artistic ability.  So many solvers love to write clues in their spare time, and share them with friends. I am keen to create avenues to showcase their talents.

And this was a chance to do just that.

Here are the results:


Thank you once again to all those who came, and I look forward to seeing even more of you at future events.

Do come along – The Guardian has very kindly offered their time to put on these shows, and this is our chance to show the world how great the cryptic crossword is.

And for those who come, do share with your friends how the evening went for you. Give the show a mention on your Facebook page, tweet if you dare, or simply pick up the phone and talk with friends. They’d love to know about the show – people are curious! Do spark their curiosity further.

With very best wishes to all our crosswording friends.

John (Paul)


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