Social Media and All That


Twitter feed attended to – ticked.
Weekly blog written – ticked.
Facebook page created – ticked
Emails checked and responded to – ticked
Running and leaping in fields of buttercups with my loved one, unfettered,
breathing in the heady vapours of a supreme summer’s day – unticked
Catching up on favourite Podcasts – ticked

I love connecting with crossword fans across the world, and wish I had more
time to really get to know them more. If I weren’t emailing them, tweeting
at them or throwing Facebook dog biscuits in their general direction I might
actually get round to meeting them down the pub.

And does Mister X on Facebook really have 873 friends? How many of these 873
might actually take Mister X up on the offer of dinner at his place, 7.30pm
Thursday? How many of the 873 would know Mister X’s address anyway?

So, here’s my invitation: see you at 7.30pm Thursday, my place, for dinner
and a natter. Please leave your Blackbooks, Macberries, iPhonies and Kindle
Surprises at home.

Bring a good crossword, will you, and let’s get to know each other.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


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