‘Araucaria Love’

Sitting at Brighton marina. Ten minutes to kill.

Switch on crossword brain.

Marina – Armani, anagram.

Dog walks past on a lead. Dog on a lead suggests nothing at first. Dog in lead would suggest P(ROVER)B. Ice pie a yacht (Cathy, anag). Pop icon Fatboy Slim lives nearby. Consider ‘What made Fatboy Slim (7)’  for ‘dieting’.

My good friend Araucaria is to be on Desert Island Discs in half an hour – must pop back home in time for this. He is to prove predictably humble and deliciously huggable. He is still my hero, as cuddly as a kitten, sharp as a Samurai sword. He lights up a room. May he live forever.

Araucaria – in correspondence I call him J/A (John/Araucaria) – was generous enough to take me for lunch at our first encounter, all those years ago. He later was to ask whether I would like him to recommend me to the then crossword editor, John Perkin. He might as well have asked Atlas if he would care to pop the sky down for a while and sip a sherbet lemonade.

And now I am blessed with the marina-Armani mind. The lead (leash)- lead (metal) thought stream. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All the best,

John (Paul)


2 responses to “‘Araucaria Love’

  1. Cruciverbalist’s skill in plaiting braids – cornrows? (9,5)

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    Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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