Saying Grace

Oh, Heavenly Father – ta! We take bread and water from you ’til our tums’
luck is realised (3,4,2,3,5,2,7,3,3,4,4,2,5,8)

Well, I am more than grateful for what I am about to receive, in my marriage
– I’m ecstatic.

But, I had to be baptised a few weeks ago in order to be married in an
Armenian church. For those who know me, this was some leap of faith.
Regarding Christianity, I have no axe to grind, only teeth.

I’d thought that just because ‘Moral laws? I win!’ is an anagram of Rowan
Williams – just because those letters may be converted – it needn’t suggest
I should be.

But actually, now it’s been done, I am delighted to be married in church.
The ceremony will be gorgeous, and spiritual. Somehow deeper than a registry
office marriage. I can’t wait.

In general, religion is something to steer clear of in puzzles. And politics

Missing excuse, hiding nothing, no fuss, so America to step down when
dismantled? (7,2,4,11)

Nice enough, once in a while.

But mixing ‘religion and politics’ just gives you ‘I do in pig, Sir
Lancelot’ – it really makes no sense at all.

No politics at our wedding in a handful of days, save for a liberal
sprinkling of confetti, conservative suits and the prospect of forty years
hard labour.

But actually, casting religion and politics aside – warning, here comes the
corny bit – I am the luckiest man alive, and can’t wait for our special day.

Enjoy your week.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


One response to “Saying Grace

  1. Mixing these led logic/inspiration to clash? (8,3,8)

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