Marriage bore

I need to come clean. I was a marriage bore.

Ten days to my marriage. Three days. As if you wanted to know! I was even
playing games when out and about, endeavouring to tell as many people as
possible I was getting married.

“That’ll be £1.50 please.”

‘Thank you. Your change will go some way towards our wedding plans. We’re
getting married, you know.’

‘Give me a ring later’

“I can’t, though you are a not unattractive 50-year-old plumber, I am
betrothed to another, and have but one ring for the woman I love”

“Single or return?”

‘Single now, but come the weekend things will have dramatically taken a turn
for the better!’


So, I’m now married, and back from honeymoon. Last mention. And on with
crosswords. Clues invited for ‘wedding tackle’ please.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


7 responses to “Marriage bore

  1. King acted lewd, displaying crown jewels? (7,6)

  2. Hmm, doesn’t quite work. Thinking hat back on.

  3. Johnson’s controversial wicket landed with googly, at first? (7,6)

  4. Ned tickled WAG, surprisingly getting meat and two veg! (7,6)

  5. Frantically, Edgar Davids tore up wing to seize ball (or balls, perhaps?) 7,6

  6. or if the anagram indicators are superfluous:

    Edgar Davids shortly in wing to seize ball (or balls, perhaps?) (7, 6)

  7. Hmm, all good. HG has it, perhaps, with his Johnson.

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