Monday – I am a Dynamo

If only I could live in AnagramLand.

Every Monday I would wake as a dynamo, taking assauges for breakfast with my gesg, scrambled.

I would not drink my tea, but eat it. I would catch the sub to work, carrying my basic free briefcase, my flies rescued within it.

With sobs from the boss, my steroid-abusing editors mean to reform – Amen to that!

That’s living in AnagramLand. But actually, I’d been living there before. As a teenager, brewing green tea, my friends Chris, Steve and I formed a band named Xerox. Because? Wait for it…. we never produced anything original – guffaw. An early album Chris had named ‘Magrana’ (an anagram of ‘anagram’), and a later album became ‘Enago Marrams’ (‘more anagrams’, anagram).

Given more time to emit an item, this mite might have learnt, albeit via rental and antler, to live in the real world. Rather than to be evil in the nonsensical Lear world of AnagramLand.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)



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