Crosswords and New Media

Wow! Never thought the two could be spoken of in the same breath!

But, cryptic crosswords has finally caught up with the world. And perhaps will overtake it (whatever that means).  It’s exciting.

Crossword apps, and blogs are here. People are talking about their favourite clues across the world, and sharing the fun.

And fun is a disease. It’s catching. Those not yet solving cryptic crosswords may simply not be aware of them. It’s simply wordplay. And wordplay is everywhere. Joyfully, new media will give millions the opportunity to discover a hidden gem.

After an unlikely win a few years back by Inverness Caledonian Thistle over one of the ‘Old Firm’ Glasgow football teams, The Sun ran a headline ‘Super Caley Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious’. It’s simply wordplay.

And why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road? To pick up The Guardian crossword from her lock newsagent? Quite possibly. The clues ‘Cock, or hen? (6)’ for ‘pecker’ the chicken may or may not have appreciated, or ‘Yellow bird (7)’, simply for ‘chicken’. But it’s all wordplay. Headlines, jokes, comedy, simply wordplay. The cryptic crossword is a black and white pool of colourful, gorgeous, delightful and fun language. If you groaned at the worst pun Uncle Derek ever concocted over Christmas dinner, you might also find it interesting to discover ‘mother-in-law’ is an anagram of ‘woman Hitler’.

If you have ever passed a ‘To Let’ sign outside a house and wanted to fill the space with the letter ‘I’ then wordplay is for you. Fun with words is for you. The cryptic crossword is for you. Have a go!

Best wishes,

John (Paul)





5 responses to “Crosswords and New Media

  1. Aspired to New Media (5)

  2. are you OK? or have you got Blogger’s Block
    A risque clue to cheer you up:-
    special needs?(5)

  3. Hi John (Paul) I am currently developing an ARG based in London and am looking for a crossword setter to help me write/check my clues. This is part of my novel as I am trying to develop a “storyworld”. Please get in touch if you would be able to do something like this or know anyone. My email is below

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