A/ X-Factor B/ Chaucer C/Football

You pays your money, you takes your choice.

I have not yet tackled A, nor have I taken on the might of B. There are those of you I’m sure who would shudder at the thought of either.

Perhaps I shouldn’t even have taken on option C.

On the opening day of this football season, I chose to give a nod to the opening of ‘the new stadium’ (an anagram of West Ham United, incidentally) in Brighton with a couple of Brighton and Hove Albion-related football clues.

In the puzzle, one of the solutions was a  former Brighton FC great from the seventies, the stalwart defender Mark Lawrenson, now turned TV football pundit. I forget the clue, but I dd purposefully neglect to use an anagram of his name, that which I shall refrain from spelling out to you, only heavily disguised, as : normal wnkarse.

A couple of years back, I heard the aforementioned Mr Lawrenson would be hosting a ‘live’ Q & A session online, so took the opportunity to inquire if he had been aware of the anagram.

No reply.

I also took the opportunity to point out that his ‘best ever goal scored’ described in Match Weekly, a magazine to which I subscribed as a boy, did not – as I recall, for I was there – involve ‘leaving four players bamboozled’, nor did it ‘scream into the roof of the net from thirty yards’, more that it ‘trickled over the line courtesy of a deflection off my kneecap’ . I requested he consulted the other 25,000 witnesses that January night in 1979 in order to revisualise his moment of glory.

No reply.

In retrospect, because I am an expert in Brighton and Hove Albion players since 1975, this does not give me the right to impart my worrying obsession on the crossword solving public.

However, dear readers, I always do get tempted. There is a  great two-word anagram of former Newcastle United and Spurs midfield maestro ‘David Ginola’  (6,5). Perhaps next time…

Have a great week,

Best wishes,

John (Paul)




3 responses to “A/ X-Factor B/ Chaucer C/Football

  1. Ally McCoist, volatile or…..?(6,5)

  2. I posted this about a week ago and nothing appeared…so take two…

    Ally McCoist, volatile or………?(6,5)

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