Bitter Afterthoughts

People often say to me ‘In your profession you must know a lot’.

Then they get to know me.

Sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the box.  Though I have claimed to be the sharpest tool when out of my box.

I used to like the occasional beer. I have to say, during those years, I can’t remember writing a single good clue while under the influence. I would always – and still do – carry a pen and paper in my pocket, for when inspiration might strike.  But then, fished from the depths of fluffy pockets the morning after, those ideas and half-ideas scrawled on scraps rarely failed to disappoint.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure at the time I chose to use more anagram indicators synonymous with sozzledom. And pubs provided comedy and tragicomedy in equal measure.

But I did need inspiration from somewhere.

I have also taken quite a few courses in life training. Life is transformed, much, much more fun, and I laugh more. I moan and wallow less, and have far less time for moaners, wallowers, and for those being a victims of their circumstances. All in all, I can be a right pain in the neck.

And my clues are less cynical. I’m far less likely to have a cheap dig at public figures.

Unless the opportunity is too good to miss.

Some news items should be, rightly, avoided. Writing a current clue to which the answer is ‘Houston, we have a problem’, for example. Unacceptable. And should a Russian aircraft, God forbid, come down, ‘What remains of Aeroflot’s ambitions (7)’ is an unacceptable reference to a potential airline disaster.

However, and this is just my opinion, and carries no more weight than any opinion may carry, especially mine:

Lord Archer now with New Labour (2-3)  answer: Ex-con…. is fair game.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)

PS: There will be another such public figure reference in The Guardian , on March 1. Have a lovely day!




3 responses to “Bitter Afterthoughts

  1. Hello John – yet another great crossword reference to ‘Chaste’ Lord Archer. Personally, I’m waiting for the eventual defenestration of Ed Miliband by his own party, for anagrammatic rather than political reasons – for just as Tony Blair was famously “Tory Plan B”, Ed Miliband is, rather unfortunately for him, an anagram of “Lab. did me in…”

  2. …or for the PM and Sam to part company permanently, seeing as David Cameron is better known in the crossword world as A divorced man …

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