Take a Letter

Sometimes you have to lean a long way out of a window in order to express yourself.

I am assuming our culprit is male, as only a manboy could hope to fully express his masculinity by such an action. However, his delightful act of thievery has defined our town/city to a ‘T’!

But, this left me wondering, where could the B… B?

Perhaps one of the many B&Bs is now a B&B&B?

More likely though, his ‘mate’ works in an Umbrella shop, henceforth a Bumbrella shop. But you can do better than this? Ideas please! Perhaps even photoshopping a ‘B’ into or onto a well-known word of phrase. Have fun!

So, we had Rufus’ 80th birthday party at The Guardian offices last week. In attendance, the super Enigmatist, Shed, Arachne, Qaos and many other luminaries of the cruciverbal world.

And who said Rufus was a piece of cake? Rather tastily, the following day’s solution to a wonderful Rufus tribute puzzle by a number of Guardian setters provided the icing on the cake. And Rufus, at 80, was as much fun as ever, entertaining us all with superb card tricks. It was a privilege to be there. Thanks for all the joy, Rufus!

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


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