Shameless Sex and Cryptic Crosswords

It was a warm day, thankfully, when myself and the rest of the Times crossword setting team went semi-naked for charity. Top half semi, that is.

The 2009 Times Crossword Championships Calendar featured a whole array of hairy-nostrilled,  whey-faced, pasty-chested fifty-somethings, their mole-encrusted nipples thankfully veiled behind copies of the latest Times Cryptic Crossword book.

Now, to my deep relief, even the omnipresent Google seemingly cannot find evidence of this horrific event.

But at the time crossword fans bought it.

And if I remember rightly, around £1300 was raised for charity. Sex sells, evidently.

In fact, some might say crossword solving is like sex. Discuss:

Each is satisfying, sometimes elusive. There’s something to fill in. And you may need your rubber.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had lots of fun while tucked up in bed with Araucaria.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


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