You think I’m Brave? I Wasn’t Dressed as a Fairy, In Public.

And this time I wasn’t passed by a man carrying a fridge. Which is progress.

The marathon is an extraordinary day, where people connect. Londoners turn out in their hundreds of thousands, thrusting jelly babies into your sweating palms, screaming your name as legs shuffle on autopilot down the Embankment,

For me, it’s also a chance for me to say ‘thank you’. And to scream back – ‘come on, make some noise’, being a personal favourite. And the crowd responds, every time. Positive energy has limits beyond our understanding. The hairs on the back of my neck stand at the thought of it.

I am blessed to have my health, to be married to beautiful Taline, to be doing a job I love. I have all I need, so it’s time to give back.

So, while we all have issues we are dealing with in our lives, there are many for whom life poses far greater challenges. Please do take a few moments to sponsor, Sense, the charity for the deafblind, with any amount you can afford, however small. You make a huge difference. And many, many thanks to those who have already done so. You’re amazing.

As an alternative, or perhaps as well, do consider a donation to the Samaritans, the charity supported by Claire Squires, the 30-year-old who tragically lost her life running the last few hundred yards of the marathon on Sunday.

Thank you once again, and have a wonderful week.

Best wishes,

John (Paul)


2 responses to “You think I’m Brave? I Wasn’t Dressed as a Fairy, In Public.

  1. Is this where you want the marathon clues?

    Ah Matron! Fancy getting sweaty in the countryside (8)

  2. Nice one Swagman. With a touch of smut.

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