Why Are We Here – Perhaps Because We’re Not All There?

We are building an extension on our house.

The tension is not ex, but very current.

There are holes, and there is talk of pipes and plastering  – and, worse still, ownership of fences. I nod, and shuffle, and look anxious, as the unexplainable is explained.

Today, I spent two hours adjusting a plane, in order to shave slivers from the underside of a door. This is not my purpose.

I am not a man of God. However, I do believe we have a path to tread, and an ultimate goal. My path and goal do not involve slivers from the underside of a door.

In the same way that some have found God, I have found crosswords. The holy spirit-level is not for me. I worship at the Araucarian altar. I never once have – hang on, perhaps there was the one time, though I was very sozzled – knelt to pray before a chisel.

The tools of my trade are a trusty dictionary and a thesaurus.

Mine is the crossword puzzle. Thine is the jigsaw.

For ever and ever.


Best wishes,

John (Paul)


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